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Should I Get My Car’s Speedometer Calibrated?

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24th June

Having your vehicle’s speedometer calibrated may be helpful when you are defending against a reckless driving charge or a speeding charge. It is particularly helpful evidence to submit to a judge if you wish to testify that you had reason to believe you were driving slower than the speed you were alleged to have gone and the calibration results show your speedometer is off in the proper direction. A mechanic should run tests on your car and produce a notarized affidavit that is admissible in court. I send my clients to a mechanics shop that uses a computerized chassis dynamometer and have my clients mention to the mechanic the speed they were alleged to have gone so that the proper tests can be done.  The speedometer certificate will show the test results for various … Read More »

Horsepower Hustle! June 22, 2013

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21st May

The results are in!!!

We had a great time Saturday feasting on horsepower and hotdogs! The dyno was rolling all day with a wide range of vehicles laying it down! Many thanks to all who came out! Also thanks to The Performance Factory and 3SX, Nc-Sc Car Meet Page, Edgy Elegance Photography, Napa Auto Parts, O’Reiley Auto Parts.

We have the dyno results over on our website here: http://www.PerformanceFactory.US/hphustle2013/


Mark your calendars!!!

SATURDAY…. JUNE 22, 2013….

The Performance Factory is opening up our doors for an Open House / Car Show / Dyno Day / Horsepower Challenge!  Starting at 10:00 am and running til someone overloads the dyno… well, ok, we’ll say about 4:00 pm… we are having a Horsepower Challenge on our dyno.  It’s “run whatchya brung and ya better brung enough!”

But you don’t have to run your car on the dyno!  Just bring out your ride and share in … Read More »

What is The Performance Factory?

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6th November

In response to inquiries from our faithful 3000GT/Stealth community, 3SX Performance is not going anywhere. We have built ourselves to be the premier destination for 3/S parts, service and tuning. We will always be the best place to get your 3/S serviced and tuned.

There comes a time in a person’s life when they have to stop and regroup. Think about what they have accomplished, what they’re currently working on, and where their future is heading. Goals in life are very important, for if you have no goal to work towards, where are you going?

As the 3SX Performance service facility, we have accomplished many things. We have supported the 3/S community, and developed some of the best aftermarket performance products available for the 3000GT/Stealth. We had a time when we raced and set world records. We moved into a 10,000+ sq. … Read More »