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Horsepower Hustle! June 22, 2013

Posted on May 21st, by The Performance Factory in Blog. No Comments

The results are in!!!

We had a great time Saturday feasting on horsepower and hotdogs! The dyno was rolling all day with a wide range of vehicles laying it down! Many thanks to all who came out! Also thanks to The Performance Factory and 3SXNc-Sc Car Meet PageEdgy Elegance Photography, Napa Auto Parts, O’Reiley Auto Parts.

We have the dyno results over on our website here: http://www.PerformanceFactory.US/hphustle2013/


Mark your calendars!!!

SATURDAY…. JUNE 22, 2013….

The Performance Factory is opening up our doors for an Open House / Car Show / Dyno Day / Horsepower Challenge!  Starting at 10:00 am and running til someone overloads the dyno… well, ok, we’ll say about 4:00 pm… we are having a Horsepower Challenge on our dyno.  It’s “run whatchya brung and ya better brung enough!”

But you don’t have to run your car on the dyno!  Just bring out your ride and share in the good times with other fellow horsepower hungry enthusiasts!

Something wrong with the ride and it can’t make it?  Well! You NEED to be here to talk to the guys about bringing your car in to get it back in tip-top shape so you can fully enjoy it!  Our technicians are experienced in a wide range of platforms and engines, whether domestic or import, old school or new school, fuel injected or carbureted, turbo-charged, super-charged, or just plain ole all natural all-motor, we have the knowledge and tools to take your vehicle to whatever level you want it!  Not to let any secrets out, but there may be “discounts on future service” coupons available for those that attend the show!  sssshhhhh… Keep this between just us… 😉

Going for the dyno?   Please be sure to call 704-784-3724 in advance and schedule your dyno time to make sure you can get on.  We will be reserving a few slots for “same day” scheduling, but we don’t recommend hoping for one of those if you really want to get on the dyno!

Food and drinks will be available.  So come on out and feast yourself on hotdogs and horsepower!!!


Who:  YOU! And family, friends, kids!

What:  Open House Car Show Dyno Challenge

When:  Saturday, June 22, 2013 – 10am – ??

Where:  The Performance Factory, 4317 Triple Crown Drive, Concord NC 28027

Why:  You have to ask?  Cool cars, dyno runs, hangin with car people!


Remember, please CALL 704-784-3724 to schedule your car on the dyno (discounted rates!).  We’re open Monday-Friday 8:00 – 5:30.

We look forward to seeing you here!


Watch the slide show above for a few pictures from earlier shows!

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